Mensalith's Gambit

The Underground Temple

Wandering through the forest, the heroes attempt to continue south, on the way to Stoneguard. Still without money, armor, or weapons, they felt the closest promise of shelter is the best option.

While walking, Erevan falls into a pit. The rest of the party yells down to try and communicate with him, but no response can be heard. One by one, they all decide to jump down the pit in attempt to rescue him. Alain thinks better of this and continues on his own.

At the bottom of the pit, there is a pitch black room with a stone floor. Erevan casts a light spell, and finds a unused sunrod. He lights it as the rest of the party falls through the ceiling and joins him. Once illuminated by the sunrod, the remains of a room of worship is revealed. There is a forgotten altar, littered with old holy symbols of some deity surrounded by the image of the sun. A shut door to the north has a face in a sun carved into it, and another shut door to the south, with the same carving except the mouth in the face is slightly open and carved out deeper. Above this southern face are the words, “His light shines in the darkness, and only those who know him may pass.”

The heroes are able to determine that the ancient occupants of this temple used some sort of bright jewel or stone to unlock the door by inserting it into the mouth. They decide to push the bright sunrod into the mouth. As they do, the light is extinguished. After a few seconds of silence, the grinding of gears and stone can be heard, and the door opens. It leads into a passageway further south.

The passageway turns into a very wide and long room, sparsely lit by daylight. The light seems to be coming from the ceiling, but not through holes; it appears to be reflected from some other location by mirrors. There are eight mirrors, and eight spots of light on the floor. Just past the points of light is a long expanse of darkness where the floor drops off into nothing. Across the pit, about 150 feet away, the party can see another door on a secure floor. But how can they reach it?

Beneath their feet, they see a grid of letters carved into the floor, in no particular order. A successful perception check helps Erevan notice the vine-covered walls are covering eight ancient levers resting in a cross path, much like the cardinal directions on a map. Above the levers, the words, “Those who have seen his light will know where it shines brightest.” are carved.

When they move a lever, they discover a corresponding point of light moves in the same direction. They realize that this puzzle’s answer is directly linked to knowledge of the deity whose temple this is.

After thinking long about this, Adrie is able to recognize the symbolism of Pelor. The followers of Pelor are charged with bringing his light into the darkness, and the heroes are able to position the lights to spell out the word, “darkness.” As they do this, platforms are raised from the pit to provide a pathway to the other side.

The party cautiously makes their way to the other side and see an open door, presumably leading out of the temple, and a few seemingly discarded holy relics and jewels of Pelor. There seemed to have been others inside the temple a long time ago, who stole anything of real value. The only things left are of special significance to only those who worship Pelor. The heroes decide to take these things with them, and emerge safely from the temple. They are able to find their bearings again, and continue on their way south.



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