Devoted Cleric


Class – Devoted Cleric


HP – 25 SPD – 5 Init – 0

13 STR 13 CON 10 DEX 8 INT 18 WIS 16 CHA

AC 17 FORT 11 REF 11 WILL 16

Equipment: Ritual Book, Adventures kit, Chainmail, Light Shield, Warhammer, Crossbow (50 bolts), Holy Symbol.


Acrobatics -1 Arcana -1 Athletics 0 Bluff 3 Diplomacy 8 Dungeoneering 6 Endurance 2 Heal 9 Intimadate 3 Nature 4 Perception 4 Religion 6 Stealth -1 Streetwise 3 Thievery -1


Ritual Caster – Brew Potion, Gentle Repose Shield Proficiency


Channel Divinity – Healer’s Mercy Cleric at-will 1 – Astral Seal Cleric at-will 1 – Sacred Flame Cleric encounter 1 – Divine Glow Cleric daily 1 – Beacon of Hope


Born in a small dwarven community on the surface, Rylock always knew he was meant for great things and met every challenge with an unrelenting enthusiasm, if not an over abundance of intelligence. The 5th son, of a two rate merchant Rylock was determined to rise above his station. At an early age he was called to religion and devoted himself to the clergy and the faith of Moradin. Rylocke is viewed by many as not pariculary intelligent, but this is mainly due to his lack of interest in almost anything except his pursuit of knowledge concerning his religion. In almost any other subject he is challenged but when when it came to his religous studies he excelled and his sermons were much acclaimed.

He moved to the Dwarven capitol of the City in the Northern Mountains at the request of the church and took one of the leading roles in the temple their. He was one of the youngest clerics to get that honor. He started dating Magma, who was the daughter of one of the Thanes most loyal advisors. She was also the champion of the dwarven ‘games’, which tests martial skill (Her specialty was hammer throwing).

It was his second year at the capitol when he discovered some ancient sacred scrolls during a church sponsored archeological dig, that he was supervising. The scrolls were one of the greatest finds of the age and said many things about the origin of the world and all of the races. However one part interested Rylock the most, there was text on an ancient migration that took place on something referred to as the “Road of the Gods”. This Road appeared to bridge different worlds, worlds that held promise of wonders. Rylock became obsessed with these writings and spent hours studying. Its all he started talking about and it started to enter his sermons. People started to question his obsession. Then came the month of his girl friend’s trip to a neighboring human city. She left to visit her good friend, the daughter of the human ambassador of the from one of the smaller northern cities. Magma tried her best to get Rylock to go, but he was positive he was on the verge of cracking the code to translate some of the ancient text in the scrolls that would reveal how to locate the Road of the Gods.

That was the last that Rylock saw of Magma. No word was heard for weeks and when a search mission was sent there was no sign of her or the human ambassadors daughter. Search parties scoured the human city and talked to everyone they could but to no avail. Rylcock was deeply upset and when the search parties came back defeated, Rylock did not return with them. He wandered around aimlessly for a while still looking for Magma by day and by night continuing his research. He travels where his research tells him the Road of the Gods might be and also looking Magma.


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